Jan 07

Ministering Spiritual Gifts

Dr. Bill Hamon and Christian International’s Training
“Ministering Spiritual Gifts”

Join Apostle’s Alan and Cherie Bignell along with Special Guest Minister Apostle O. Michael Smith, Jeff and Rachelle Nugent, and John Morrison as they lead, teach and train all into a greater level of utilizing Prophetic Gifts! We and our World need this training!

Pre-registration is required by 2/12/2018*

Friday, February 16 6:30pm —9-:30pm
Saturday, February 17 9:00am—5:00pm
Sunday, February 18 Morning Service with Apostle O. Michael 10:30am
(Open to ALL!)
Sunday, February 18 MSG 3:00pm—6:00pm

Restoration Life Church
235 Grenville Street
Battle Creek, MI 49016
269-979- 8414

Standard Registration Fee $69.95**

Mail Checks to:
Restoration Life Church
P.O. Box 213
Battle Creek, MI 49224

*Please call to Register:
Office 269-979- 8414 or John Morrison 269-589- 5846

**“Act today” Discounted Fee Available
$39.95 if paid by January 22
$49.95 if paid by February 5
$59.95 if paid by February 12
$69.95 if paid 2/12 to 2/16 at the door.