Swords of Truth

Community Fencing Classes Free
Ages 8 to 15

This program will run one night a week for 8 weeks

Swords of Truth Ministry is designed to help young people to understand sportsmanship, kindness, humility and other character traits while learning to Fence the French Classical style, which is similar to Olympic style fencing.

Youth will not be able to attend or participate without parental or guardian consent, form are available for parent signature on the first night.

This ministry will span eight sessions over nine to ten weeks. We have limited space, so we will only accept fifteen students.  Every class builds on the previous class, so we cannot have anyone start later than the second week.

Fencing Schedule

WK Fencing Skill Character
1 Safety, Equipment, the Foil, En guard, Basic Footwork, Lunge Compassion
2 Inside/outside line, parries/Parry drills Kindness
3 Target Area / Right-of-way / Fencing Strip Humility
4 Advanced Footwork / Fencing Strip Quiet Strength
5 Fencing Strip Discipline
6 Fencing Strip Even-tempered
7 Fencing Strip Contentment
8 Fencing Strip Forgiving


Basic Class Structure

  • Welcome / Stretching 15 minutes
  • Fencing Drills 30 minutes*
  • Character Lesson 15 minutes
  • Fencing 30 minutes*

* Times may vary


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Kyle Wilder


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Student Requirements

  1. On time and ready
  2. Dress in sports clothes, avoid wearing jeans if possible (you may change in restrooms)
  3. Follow instructions and safety rules
  4. Respect everyone (students, instructors, visitors & anyone in the church)
  5. Respect building and property